At the invitation of the General Manager of the “Hilton Sofia” Hotel – Mr. Stephan Reiter, full-time students from the Bachelor degree disciplines “Commercial Economics” and “Economics of Tourism” were participants in the “Careers at the Hilton, 2015” forum for a second consecutive year on April 29th, 2015. The main message of the initiative was that the hotel and restaurant business provides a unique opportunity for a future career for young people.

The event at the “Hilton Sofia” hotel was held in two sections. During the first section, a real working environment meeting between students and managers of departments at the hotel was held. In the second part, workshops were assembled from managers of departments and their employees in finance and HR, marketing and sales, reception, service and catering.
In front of 20 students from both Bachelor degree disciplines, the managerial team of the “Hilton Sofia” hotel presented internal standards for the activity’s organization, which are included in the conception of the hotel as part of the international chain of “Hilton” hotels. 

Participation in the “Careers at the Hilton, 2015” initiative was evaluated as beneficial for both sides – for the department managers of the hotel and for the students from the “Commercial Economics” and “Economics of Tourism”  disciplines. The department managers from the hosting hotel promoted tests for competencies, qualifications and motivation in the selection and recruitment of staff with appropriate organizational skills, communication skills and team work, and the students became acquainted with the requirements and expectations of the hotel and restaurant business, which provides a competitive advantage in the labour market.


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