A practical training session for students from the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics was held by representatives from the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria, from the Regional Association in Pleven-Lovech. The training session, organised by the department for “Commercial and Tourist Business”, was held for fourth-year full-time students from “Commercial Economics” and “Economics of Tourism”, and was related to the disciplines of “Business Assessment” and “Tourism Assessment” that they study. The topic of the practical session was “Problems and challenges facing business assessment in Bulgaria” and was presented by the Chairman of the Regional Association of Pleven-Lovech from the Chamber of Independent Appraisers, Krasimir Bratanov, and Zdravka Petrova, Vice-Chairman.

The lecturers clarified the main situations which required assessment – privatization; appraisals linked to the Registry Agency; assessments related to insurance etc.
Being an appraiser of machinery and equipment, Krasimir Bratanov presented examples from practice related to these kinds of assessments.

Zdravka Petrova, an appraiser of real estate, commented on the specifics of appraisals in this area. The lecturers noted the problems encountered in business appraisals in Bulgaria. To get the students acquainted with the advantages of an appraiser’s profession, they explained the modules that have to be taken to pass the course for obtaining a certificate to be an appraiser.

The high level of activity shown by the students was an indicator of their interest. Within the framework of the discussions that followed they sought answers from the specialists on specific issues. Some of the inquiries from the students were related to appraisals of land, fees regarding different business appraisals and a comparison of business appraisal in practice in Bulgaria and other European countries.

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