The alumni from the Tsenov Academy of Economics won the contest for a students essay on the topic of “Customs in the European Union and the free movement of goods”, organized by the “Customs” Agency. The contest was devoted to the 135th anniversary of the Bulgarian customs administration. At the official ceremony for International Customs Day, the third-year student, Hristo Stefanov, who studies “Finance”, received his prize from the Director of the Agency, Vanyo Tanov.

The first prize in the contest was awarded to Hristo Stefanov by a committee whose members are experts from the National Training Centre and other sections from the “Customs” Agency.

The second prize in the contest was also won by an alumni from the Tsenov Academy of Economics. Her name is Dobrinka Visarieva, a fourth-year student from the speciality of “Economic and Financial Control”. Both students from Svishtov have had excellent grades during their education in the Danube town. The third prize was awarded to their colleague from the University of Economics in Varna.

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