For a consecutive year, the traditional autumn exhibition-bazaar presented a rich collection of new translations of Russian and Western scientific literature to the academic community in Svishtov.  The exhibition was organised by the Academic Library "Acad. Nikola Mihov” at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics and the official representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Bulgaria.

The 19th consecutive exhibition-bazaar of new scientific literature was opened by the Vice Rector of the Academy – Prof. Lyuben Kirev Ph.D. In his welcome address to the organisers and to professors and students, he described the attendees as "reading and thinking" people. In his words, without the books the transition to a "knowledge economy", in which knowledge is becoming a major source of raw materials, a major factor and main product of production, would never happen.

The “book lovers" that attended the event were welcomed by the Director of the Academic Library – Anka Taneva – who stressed that books are the spiritual pillar of people who are brought up to appreciate them.

This year's exhibition-bazaar presented over 1200 titles in Russian and English from different areas of knowledge. Part of the students and lecturers who were present benefited immediately from the ability to derive knowledge from the written word by buying themselves new scientific literature.

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