Learning about learning from the masters in the Tsenov Academy of Economics exists since 1999. In the 15 years since the establishment of the Centre for Distance Education through this educational technology of the 21st century Svishtov university has enabled over 22,000 students in graduate degree (ACS) "Master". Only in 2013 the system for distance learning Business Academy are registered logins of 114 countries on all continents of the world.

Its leadership in the market of electronic and distance education products for the degree "Master" in Bulgaria, the innovative design of the Academy of Economics to study remote sensing preserved by continuous development. In order to respond more fully to the specific needs of the students and is in line with current highly dynamic conditions of life in the admission of students for the upcoming academic 2014/2015, in Svishtov Academy provided flexible technology application and training in remote sensing. Prospective students can choose from more than 100 prestigious graduate programs in regular and distance in professional fields "Economy" and "Administration and Management".

The new degree program, which is to be made ​​the first entry in the upcoming academic year is "Consulting in management and administration." One of the new programs "Financial Management" (Financial Management in English), which was launched two years ago, attracting more and more attention of those who wish to complete their degree "Master" in the Academy of Economics.

Among the most popular graduate programs is the "Financial Management" where instruction is in Bulgarian and programs "Bank Management", "Commercial Management", "Accounting and auditing financial enterprises", "currency and customs fiscal control."

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