Graduates from the D. A. Academy of Economics who are members of the sports karate club "Academic" participated in this training camp, which was attended by five Japanese instructors and the Vice-President of the World Federation of Kyokushin Kan - Foucault-Tsuoshi Kancho Hiroshige (8th Dan).

The international summer camp, which was again held in the resort complex 'Kamchiya', had participants of around 700 fighters from Japan, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Bulgaria. The JCC from the "Academic" club involved 12 players led by senpai Mitko Bozhanov (1st Dan).

According to the coach of the Svishtov students, participating in this week-long training programme has enabled trainees to master the important technical elements of Kyokushin and the subtleties of this difficult style of karate.

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