Students from the Tsenov Academy of Economics won first places in the 10th  “Young Economist – 2014” national competition organised by the Union of Economists in Bulgaria.
This years’ anniversary edition of the competition was held under the title "The Voice of Youth for a Strong Economy," and the topic of the essay was "Green Economics  - Opportunities and Challenges".

In the contest, which aimed to provoke thought and exploratory research in young people, almost 100 pupils, students and PhD students from Bulgarian and European universities, and also young enterpreneurs, took part in finding answers to the important issues surrounding the transition to a green economy in Bulgaria.

The authors presented their ideas, positions and views on the challenges and opportunities on green economics individually or in a group.

Winners from the “students” category were Silviya Sasheva and Teodora Viliyanova in their third year at the Tsenov Academy of Economics, studying the discipline of Finance. They achieved first place for team development.
Also taking first place in the ranking was an essay from a group of students from the University of National and World Economy and the University of Economics, Varna.
Second in the competition was a graduate from Aston University, Birmingham, and third place was taken by a student from the University of Economics, Varna.

Among the guests at the awards ceremony for the winners from the “Young Economists – 2014” contest were the members of the Governing Council of the Union of Economists in Bulgaria and representatives from academic governing bodies from economics universities.

The Tsenov Academy of Economics was awarded with an honorary diploma by the Union of Economists in Bulgaria for merit and contribution to the development and growth of the national “Young Economists” competition. 

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